Webinar – Learn how to Build a Resilient Business

COVID-19 was the storm that shook us all. And, like with any storm, only the strong will come of this pandemic in good enough shape to continue operations. We have witnessed many salons close, shut down, shrink, or go to “pause” mode while this crisis tears through our industry.

So what makes a salon, spa, or barbershop one of the survivors? In fact, what is behind the increase in business some operations have experienced? One factor is business resilience. But what is resilience anyway, and how can you find ways to develop and foster resilience in your own business?

Join us for our coming webinar on this important topic in the next few weeks. Join hosts Eva Tone from MNP, Caylee Augé from the Salon Profit Project, and Greg Robins, Executive Director of the BeautyCouncil.

If you would like a personal invitation to the event, click here and you will be added to our email list. Otherwise, keep any eye on social media and your email for the time of the webinar and how to access a recording.

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