Vaccine requirements for some businesses announced in BC

Cell phone showing a proof of vaccination status

There will be a proof of vaccination requirement in BC to enter certain businesses or attend certain events

In a meeting with the BeautyCouncil August 23, and the province of BC, Dr. Bonnie Henry today stated there will be a proof of vaccination requirement in BC to enter certain businesses or attend certain events, “to insure we continue to have safe workplaces”.

The infections are largely being driven by the small proportion of people who are not immunized said Dr. Henry.

“We need to take additional measures to insure our safety,” she added.

When and where

As of Sept 13th, people will have to have to have at least one dose and as of Oct. 24th, people will have to have a second dose as proof of vaccination.

The dose will have to have been administered no less than 7 days prior to those dates to be considered valid.

People will access a special code which will indicate if they are unvaccinated, partially or fully vaccinated.

Businesses will not collect and score the information, however, as with an ID check, a showing of the details will be sufficient to prove vaccination status.

A negative COVID-19 test result will not be included in the proof of vaccination document.


Settings include: Indoor ticketed sports events, restaurants, nightclubs, gyms, fitness centers, organized indoor sports, and organized events such as choirs.

Personal services (salons, spas, and barbershops) are not included in the requirement. “We have other measures in place for those businesses such as mask wearing and ongoing efforts to keep people safe”.

“We are not including personal service settings because they have done an excellent job in preventing transmission. The sector is not a source of COVID, however, should the sector wish to implement the requirement, we are open to discussion with the industry on that,” she stated.

“We need to be mindful that immunization is effective, but it’s not 100 per cent. We still need to be sure we’re keeping distances and having an effective communicable disease prevention plan in place” said Dr. Henry.


There will be no exceptions, for example, in cases where medical reasons prevent immunization.

“Individual businesses may choose to adopt these requirements as part of their own prevention plan,” said Dr. Henry.

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