Update: Exceptions to health orders in BC beyond hair and nail services

When the province of BC issued exemptions to province wide restrictions on their web site, we wanted to clarify the rules. We asked this about the items under: Personal and home-based services…

The order does not restrict services provided in the home. These services can continue to operate. For example:
Hair and nail salons
Does this include all sectors of the Personal Services industry such as skin care, hair removal, etc.?

We heard back from Thomas Guerrero, Executive Director, Patient and Client Relations, Corporate Issues and Client Relations, Ministry of Health.  Speaking on behalf of Dr. Bonnie Henry, he did confirm that “a person who is not an occupant may be present at a private residence or vacation accommodation for the purpose of personal care or grooming services”.

In other words, even though the exception only reads “hair and nail” services, the exemption applies to

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