Tuneup Tuesdays – Episode 10

Are you finding yourself in a business rut when it comes to profits? Do you want up every day wondering if you’re in for another day of paddling upstream? Join us for this quick Tuneup Tuesday session to discover some quick fixes for you and your business.

Caylee reviews five basics you can start on today. These fundamental ideas cost nothing to implement and are practiced by the most successful salon, spa, and barbershop owners from around the world. These basics are so easy, you may read them and think you already do this! However, dig down with us and find out more about:

  1. A mindset of success and forward motion in your business
  2. The importance of setting a target (and why it needs to be “S.M.A.R.T.”)
  3. The reasons each member of your team also needs a target
  4. The magic of a powerful consultation
  5. Offering a solution for your client without emotion

This is the final episode of Tuneup Tuesdays. We’ll be back with more in the winter. In the meantime, BeautyCouncil members get a special perk with Caylee:

The BeautyCouncil-approved Salon Profit Project mixes self-study and mentorship from industry expert Caylee Augé in a single easy-to-follow course. Without having to learn dry details of bookkeeping, accounting or spreadsheets, this breakthrough course will teach you financial basics and planning to help you take control of your business and future. Get rid of bottom line anxiety, discover where you can save and increase income, and become confident managing your beauty business in just a few short lessons. 

BeautyCouncil members get the course for just $497 — almost 75% savings! Log in to get started.

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