Tuneup Tuesdays Episode 1

Tuneup Tuesdays, Episode 1: Do you charge more now?

Find out what Caylee Auge has to offer for a successful recovery post-COVID in the video below. Will you be back to financial stability in 3 years, or 4 months?

The key is cash flow. You can be profitable but still run out of cash – so where to start?

Some salons are bouncing back sooner than others, so how does cash-flow affect your recovery? We answer two member questions:

S asked: “How can I charge my clients more when they have suffered along with everyone too? I feel like I would be taking advantage of them in these hard times. How would I ever justify it?”

T asked: “I want to take a wait and see approach. I’m not sure how much to charge and so if things get better I will not add any costs to my services. What could be the harm in that?”

The BeautyCouncil-approved Salon Profit Project mixes self-study and mentorship from industry expert Caylee Auge in a single easy-to-follow course. Without having to learn dry details of bookkeeping, accounting or spreadsheets, this breakthrough course will teach you financial basics and planning to help you take control of your business and future.

Get rid of bottom line anxiety, discover where you can save and increase income, and become confident managing your beauty business in just a few short lessons. BeautyCouncil members get the course for just $497 — almost 75% savings! Start your path to financial freedom today by booking a free consultation. Check your member-area links to get started today.

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