Blow dryer on fur blanket

The Verdict on Blow Drying

We are still getting lots of questions regarding blow drying, and whether it’s safe or restricted. 

To clarify, there are officially no restrictions on blow-drying. BC Provincial Health has advised that blow-drying (in any form) is not an inherently risky activity in relation to COVID-19 transmissions. WorkSafeBC outlines this specifically in the “providing personal services” section of their Protocols for Returning to Operation resource guide.

Two things to keep in mind:

  • For the comfort of everyone, be mindful to direct air away from other clients
  • Though blow-drying is not inherently high-risk, we should be looking for ways to shorten the amount of time we spend in close contact with clients. To this end, does it make sense to omit blow-drying from some of your services?

We’ll continue to share with you any updates from the province and WorkSafeBC.

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