The Economical Disinfection Solution from Shears to Counters

The old jar of blue chemical full of combs is an iconic symbol of the industry. Tasked with preventing common health hazards from being passed between customers, the post-pandemic dynamic has changed the game. Now it’s time to bring some clarity.

To protect the health of customers and staff, as well as the establishment’s reputation, salon and barbershop operators are looking for a cost-effective disinfectant that safely prevents surface-borne transmission from a new generation of harmful microbes and fungus.

Chemprocide is a powerful and economical hospital-grade clear concentrate that guards against Coronavirus, without the hospital-grade smell. All it takes is 30 seconds of contact for disinfection. Lasting for up to a week in jars, the pH is only 6.5 so it is safe and non-corrosive for wiping surfaces and soaking tools. No more expensive blue stuff.

Concentrations measure a ratio of one teaspoon (4 ml) per litre of disinfectant or a tablespoon (15 ml) per gallon. That means a 1 litre bottle of Chemprocide produces approximately 65 gallons (250 L) of disinfectant and roughly 250 gallons (945 L) from the gallon jug.

Depending on the number of active stations, the customer traffic and the size of the establishment, a gallon bottle of Chemprocide concentrate could last an active establishment several months.

Fine Edge Beauty and Barber Supply is offering a 10% discount and 2 free empty 8 oz spray bottles with the purchase of a litre or a 10% discount and 4 free empty spray bottles with the purchase of a gallon of Chemprocide.


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Approved by Health Canada and manufactured by Pace Solutions, Chemprocide (DIN #00568236) is a highly effective concentrated disinfectant mixture of alcohol and DDAC with a neutral pH (see the SDS).
Chemprocide is not an all-purpose cleaner for treating grease or dirt and is intended to protect non-porous surfaces after they have been cleaned thoroughly with soap and water. It is not irritating, but gloves are recommended for extensive use.

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