Challenges of reducing transmission

Survey findings: Challenges in reducing transmission of COVID-19 in the workplace

In our member survey filled out in the last week of January, we found that most salons, spas, and barbershops are challenged by a common set of factors. The top concerns were clients not wearing masks properly, the honesty of clients filling out screening forms, the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE), and how staff could do better at collaborating in the fight against COVID-19. In addition, we found that many members are feeling the pinch of extra costs related to lowered capacity and increases expenses.

Client and mask wearing

A large number of respondents said having clients wear masks properly is a challenge as they try to control COVID-19 in their workplace. Comments such as clients “forgetting” to bring a mask, not covering their nose, or taking down a mask to talk came up often. One person wrote sometimes people take down their mask and the “stylist will not tell them to cover it”, while another wrote clients take off their mask and “shake them free of hair during a haircut”.

Often, the issue of convincing clients on the importance of mask wearing was stated and one respondent stated they need to “educate the public on why masks are necessary to receive services” and dealing with clients who are “complaining about mask wearing”. One respondent said “it was a challenge to get people to wear masks until it became mandatory.”

Conclusion and recommendation: Clearly,

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