Revised COVID-19 protocols for March 29, 2021

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Today, a press conference in BC outlined some new orders from the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry – these orders directly affect businesses outside the personal services industry, meaning salons, spas, and barbershops may continue to operate across the province as they have since the re-opening last year.

According to the government, the personal service sector has not been a significant source of COVID-19 infections; this is largely in part due to protocols and guidelines set out at the onset of the pandemic. BeautyCouncil, in collaboration with WorkSafe BC and Provincial Health, developed a reopening plan for all personal service providers which has proven to be effective and kept businesses open.

BeautyCouncil continues to work with the government to guide and steer the response to COVID-19 with input from members and industry research – the plan is to keep salons, spas, and barbershops open until COVID-19 is under control for good.

Our March 29, 2021 revised and update protocols based on recommendations from the Provincial Health Officer:

  • Clients who “travel” to your business should be reconsidered or accommodated: clients who come from a different health authority, another province, or from another country. We suggest you either postpone their appointment beyond April 19th, or serve then when your space is near empty or after hours (check our resources here to help you recover the cost of these accommodations)
  • Owners should encourage employees and renters to exercise safety outside the workplace as much as they do inside the workplace. By that, we mean to follow the recommendations to avoid mixing in large groups, spending time with many different people, and meeting new people indoors. Keep in mind there is a requirement for employers in all regions to ensure that every worker conducts a daily health check before entering the workplace; having healthy teams is critical.
  • Maintain your COVID-19 safety plan more than ever. If you need to review it, use the WorkSafeBC COVID-19 safety plan: A guide for employers
  • All clients must wear a mask, even if they have been vaccinated. WorkSafeBC “mandatory mask” rules here.
  • Clients who are receiving services that require a mask to be taken off (facials, beard / shaving services), follow the BeautyCouncil guidelines.

See a clip from a news conference from March 29th where Dr. Bonnie Henry confirms personal services locations are safe, and offers an outlook for the near term.