Introduction to how Quizzes Work

The purpose of each quiz is to assess your progress in learning the material presented in each course.

The courses are broken into lessons, and each lesson ends with a quiz. This helps you learn the material on a concept-by-concept basis, and each quiz helps you learn the concepts deeper.

Quizzes require at least a 70% passing grade for you to pass each lesson. Some tips to help you pass each quiz include:

  • Take your time in each lesson – do not rush through the material
  • Take notes, make drawings, or verbalize the ideas out to yourself. While reading the material is one way to learn the content, you will retain more if you “output” the ideas to paper or your own voice as you review them.
  • Re-read or review any portions that do not make perfect sense to you. Try to listen to the audio version as well (it is another way to “hear” the lesson), or open a second window to do a quick search online for additional information.

Above all, do not get discouraged if you don’t pass a quiz. You are not the only one to have to try again! We do support your learning by providing comments to some questions if they are not answered correctly – take the time to read those to get the concepts into your mind.

Finally, we encourage you to find a quiet, dedicated place to take these courses. If you have a committed learning place, you will be able to focus and pay full attention to this course.

Enjoy your learning journey!