Proof of Vaccination Survey Results

A majority of members say they do not want to see a proof of vaccination for their clients

In a study of BeautyCouncil members, most indicated they do not want to see a mandatory proof of vaccination system for client visits.

When asked “should clients be required to show Proof of Vaccination to proceed with services in your salon, spa, or barbering business?”, 62% replied no while 38% replied yes.

What “no” members wrote

A common sentiment expressed by those who replied “no” included concerns about client privacy, discrimination, and allowing people to make their own choices.

One member wrote “people that I have disagreed with morally, professionally, politically, spirituality but I still love on them and treat them equally when they are in my chair”, while another stated “vaccine passports is a guaranteed way to segregate and discriminate”. One member wrote “it’s too political, if masks are in place for both client and stylist, then it’s worked so far.”

What “yes” members wrote

For those who replied “yes”, a common theme in the comments related to the safety of others around them (such as friends and family), the continuation of business, and the importance of eradicating COVID-19.

For example, a member wrote “vaccination status should not be private when dealing with such a contagious disease”, while another stated “it is my responsibility and commitment to keep my staff and my clients safe if we are going to survive through these challenging times”. Another wrote “we see a lot of people, and to protect those who cannot vaccinate, or are too young, at least we can put the odds in our favour”.

About the study

The study ran from August 27 to September 1, 2021 with 178 active members participating. All replies were anonymous and hosted on our secure web site. Respondents needed to log into their active, paid account to access the survey.

The Association ran this study at the request of the Provincial Health Officer of British Columbia as they consider which sectors may be considered for the proof of vaccination system in the province of BC.

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