Prevention protocols – what are other salons, spas and barbershops keeping in place?

Workspace sanitation is still in place for the most part, but masking is taking a back seat

In 9 out of 10 salons, spas, and barbershops are keeping hand sanitizer the front entrance, and enhanced cleaning is in place is being practiced by 8 of every 10 locations

In a BeautyCouncil survey conducted in the first week of July, locations from across Western Canada indicated their practices as COVID-19 restrictions are relaxes in everyday life.

The survey revealed what specific steps are in place and which are not. Here is the basic breakdown from our responses:

  • Hand sanitizer at entrance – 93%
  • Station or room extra sanitation – 78%
  • No cancellation fee due to illness – 76%
  • Masks recommended – 41%
  • Physical barriers still in place – 39%
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And here are some comments from participants:

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