Possible collaboration with Beauty United

August 4, 2020 – In Ontario, a newly formed group of concerned spa professionals are looking to improve their industry. While they are based in that province, they would like to see movement forward for the spa industry across the country.

A recent survey by the group shows that 82% of Ontario beauty businesses may close.

The group has presented these priorities to the government:

HST FORGIVENESS: February 1 – December 31st – This relief will be an
immediate 13% infusion into the business to help our recovery as well as
pay for additional PPE, marketing to lure customers back and keep some
momentum in the business. There is no government administration here and
is immediate.

RENT RELIEF- New programs to help all business qualify for the program
and extension to December 31st, 2020

WAGE SUBSIDY – Rather than a 30% relief as a whole – make it a tiered
system. Basically a certain percentage based on revenue drop.

CERB – only sending the net amount rather than gross as many of us have
experienced staff not willing to return to work.

RECOVERY BOARD – Having members represent each sector. Beauty United
would like to be at the recovery plan table in the event of another shut

We have had a few initial conversations with Beauty United around the success of the industry in Western Canada, and specifically BC where the entire industry was able to open earlier than the PHO initially planned. We’ll keep you updated on any progress or collaborations we are considering.

If you like what you see above, or have any comments, please let us know at info@beautycouncil.ca