Positive mental health as we exit COVID-19

Three women in a circle shot from below with a blue sky in the background

For months, we’ve protected our physical health. Now it’s time to care for our mental health.

Masks. Rules. Cleaning. All these things we had to deal with for over a year, and all compounded by a certain level of anxiety and personal loneliness. We can’t just bounce back to “normal” like nothing happened, especially as COVID-19 is still lingering in corners.

Join us as we connect with a former hairstylist-turned-Mental Health Counsellor, Barbara Chiu. As a member of the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists, Barbara offers some guidance around how to manage in these challenging times through the lens of a personal service professional.

If you would like to connect with Barbara, she has invited our members to reach out by email here.

YouTube video here.