Our office will be moving February 1, 2021

As of February 1, 2021, our office will be moving to a new location. While we have not settled on the exact location yet, we will post it on our Contact page once we have a space chosen.

Why are we moving? The office we have in Langley, BC, was useful for many years until COVID-19 came along. At that point, we closed the office and had the team perform all the association work from home (like most of the planet did). Thankfully, technology allowed us to move to a fully remote phone system, online payment system, and other web-based methods to serve members. After almost a year of working remotely, it became apparent we could operate very well without being in the physical office.

What will happen to the office space in Langley? The space has been leased to a local engineering firm for a five year term. The lease was arranged by a professional agent and a legal lease is in place to protect the association as landlord. Insurance is in place and all legal rules are being followed.

Will this cost the association anything? The revenues from the tenants will actually improve the financial situation for the association and offers a five year plan to leverage the property to be put towards programs for members. We also managed to realized significant savings as we reviewed our traditional phone systems, on-site tech support needs, and office supply requirements. It’s a win for the membership.

What if members need to meet with the association in person? We have plans to rent, on an as-needed basis, physical space for members to meet us in person when required. Until then, we do offer weekly open Zoom calls, regular office-hours member chat tools, and phone lines to connect with us.

Do the board of directors still meet as usual? Yes, all meetings are as they were before over Zoom and there has been no skipped meetings since the pandemic began.

How can I give feedback on this change? We welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions from members! You can simply send and email give us a call, or chat in the member area. If you want to be even more involved, we welcome members to sit on our board of directors or on a committee where you can have a stronger and more regular voice. To join the board of directors, simply reach out to us via our Contact page.

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