The Certificate of Qualification Examination in Microblading was developed to support the growing need of the Permanent Cosmetics Industry. Municipalities, Health Inspectors, Consumers, Insurance Companies, the Media, and others who have an interest in our Industry are demanding credentials that are creditable and have substance beyond a training certificate.

Unfortunately, many have expressed concerns that training certificates don’t always indicate that there is a basic fundamental knowledge of the Microblading procedure. Certificates are being reported as being too easily developed at home through the Internet, and many are given in classes without the provisions of a pass or no pass examination or are provided simply because a student paid for training. The Microblading Certificate of Qualification is a proficiently developednon-biased competency examination that will be identifiable with the BeautyCouncil Western Canada, the largest professional registry in Western Canada that is recognized throughout North America and Internationally.  BeautyCouncil is the only searchable database of Certified Cosmetology Professionals. It lists all active, trained individuals qualified to hold a professional role within the Beauty, Barber and Spa industry. 

Obtaining the Certificate of Qualification in Microblading is recognized as a key element for each Permanent Cosmetic Professional’s credentialing portfolio. Show your commitment to raising standards across the beauty industry. Other benefits are:

  • Enhance your employability with proof you have met industry training standards.
  • Stand out from the untrained workforce operating in the industry.

Nothing demonstrates your professionalism more than carrying a certification card and wall-mountable Certificate of Qualification. Do not get passed over by a potential client, Employers or Municipalities because you cannot provide proof of certification.

We have met the demand, become a CCP in Microblading today.


PLEASE NOTE: Technician members of BeautyCouncil are not required to take the Certificate of Qualification examination in order to maintain membership; non-members may take the examination without being members even though member eligibility is required.  This means a candidate must accept and abide by BeautyCouncil’s Code of Ethics.

  • A course of study in the field of Microblading/Permanent Cosmetics of no less than 80 hours at the fundamental level with proof of training diploma; if less than 80 hours, continuing education specific to the industry must be accumulated to achieve 80 hours total. Proof of hours is required. If hours are not on a certificate, a short note from the trainer specifying hours as well as apprenticing and practise hours will be acceptable.
  • BeautySafe Certification Level I & II must be taken with in the past two years or Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Class must be taken within the past two years. It is mandatory to have taken and passed one of the two certifications and proof of passing is required.
  • The candidate must be currently active in the Permanent Cosmetics Industry, or have recently completed a training program or apprenticeship.
  • A completed application is required with documentation of classes and/or continuing education, proof of the BeautySafe Certification or Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Class and the required fees. Do not send incomplete affidavits.

If any candidate cannot show acceptable proof of training, he/she will not be eligible to take the exam.





  • MEMBER PRICE: $150.00 + GST = $157.50
  • NON-MEMBER PRICE: $250.00 + GST = $262.50



  1. Go to our event calendar (under Events at top of page)  to find the exam date.
  2. Download, print, and fill out Exam Application
    • Please fill out Exam Application clearly with your legal name.
    • Please include email address on Exam Application as this is how you will receive instructions for the exam.
  3. Attach proof of training and fax (604-871-0299), email (exams@beautycouncil.ca), or mail (#203-8047 199 St. Langley, BC V2Y 0E2) application to BeautyCouncil.


  1. Go to our event calendar (under Events at top of page) to find the exam date.
  2. Submit proof of training to BeautyCouncil by fax (604-871-0299), or email (exams@beautycouncil.ca).
  3. Apply online (after proof of training has been approved) on our events calendar (under Events at top of page).

Please note: payment must be received with the Exam Application as it will not be processed until payment is received.




Please download: 

Microblading Exam Instructions (PDF)

Model Waiver Form (PDF)


If you are unsuccessful in  70% on your practical exam, you may retake just the competencies in which you were unsuccessful, if you are unsuccessful in attaining 70% in 3 or more competencies or the Infection, Prevention and Control competency, you must retake the entire practical exam.

 Exam retake cost: $100.00 + GST = $105.00

You can retake the exam up to three (3) times. If you are still unsuccessful in getting a minimum mark of 70% for all parts of the exam, it is recommended that you enrol in a refresher course from an accredited cosmetology institution.

All retakes must be done within two (2) years of the original exam.


In the last couple of days, we have heard a renewed call for Certification in the Cosmetology Industry.  This came in the form of a couple of articles from CBC in Edmonton and radio interview with News Talk 770 in Calgary.  

We find it alarming that the entire Cosmetology Industry in BC and the Esthetics and Nail Technician Industries in Alberta are completely unregulated, meaning that anyone can open and run a business, in which they are putting chemicals on people's bodies and touching them more than most doctors do during the average visit, without any sort of formal education or licensing.  While this is the case, we do stress that it is a good idea for all Cosmetologists who have attended a reputable school either here or abroad to take our Certificate of Qualification examination and BeautySafe (which is an online course teaching proper sanitation and hygiene) in their chosen field.  This will show the respective governments of BC and Alberta that, as a whole, the industry does want to be regulated to promote a higher quality of care to the clients who use their services.

You can find the articles and interview here:


Nail salons not checked for years under Alberta's inspection system




Industry wants Alberta government to license nail technicians




Interview with Fiona Chambers - Executive Director of BeautyCouncil

consumer banner


What is our Consumer Campaign all about?

Very simple, the Cosmetology Industry needs to be regulated making programs such as BeautySafe and Certificate of Qualification a mandatory bylaw within each Municipality and the Province to ensure proper health, safety and procedures are practiced by Beauty Professionals.


  • Consumer protection is the HIGHEST PRIORITY!! Help prevent cross contamination and the spread of infection and disease.

    • Ask yourself “Would you like a family member or yourself to contract a life-threatening disease or infection because our Government feels it is unnecessary to regulate the Beauty Industry and not implement programs such as BeautySAFE?”

  • Regulation and programs like BeautySafe will ensure health, safety, proper sterilization and sanitation will be held to proper standards – BeautySAFE is a must!

  • Beauty Professionals with a Certificate of Qualification shows “Consumers” they are in hands of professionals.

  • Beauty Professionals need to comply to using professional products to protect consumers.



Cosmetologists and Barbers used to be regulated under the Cosmetologists Act, the Barbers Act and regulations. This legislation, dating from the 1920s, required cosmetologists and barbers to join respective associations, be certified by a Board of Examiners and pay annual dues. These acts and related regulations were repealed on December 31, 2003 in order to save Government funds. As a result, Cosmetologists and Barbers in BC are no longer required to have licences or meet any training requirements. For nearly 75 years BeautyCouncil, the Cosmetology Association of Western Canada (formerly Hairdressing Association of B.C.), was a provincial government regulatory body for the cosmetology industry. When government regulation ceased in 2003, the industry created a voluntary association comprised of caring, driven and committed professionals who recognized a need for industry standards to be upheld.

The current lack of licensing and lack of mandatory training requirements for Cosmetologists, Barbers, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Permanent Makeup & MicroBlading Technicians, EyeLash Extension Technicians, Tattoo Artists and Laser Technicians has led to concerns about consumer protection. It is felt that the lack of regulation poses a risk to Consumers if Cosmetologists are inadequately trained in the proper use of potentially harmful chemicals and equipment and maintaining the proper sanitization and sterilization standards that the BeautyCouncil up holds.

Today we continue to oversee the growth and development of training, certification, advocacy and events for Western Canada's Beauty Professionals. We are a member driven, non-profit organization that fosters private sector partnerships, advances the interests of the industry and raises professional standards.
Our mission is clear, we are here to help Professional Cosmetologists realize their full potential.


Questions to ask yourself….

How would a Beauty Professional prevent a fungus or infection from spreading if they were not taught proper sanitation and sterilization?

Would you allow a doctor or a dentist to perform surgery or work on your teeth without proper education and examinations?

Have you ever asked your Beauty Professional what their qualifications are and do they have their BeautySafe certification?

With services like MicroBlading, Permanent Makeup, Shaving, Eye Lash Extensions, Waxing, Manicures and Pedicures to name a few where skin is, or can be broken and body fluids are involved, have you stopped to think if the Professional has Sterilized correctly?

Look for the BeautySafe Certification


What is BeautySafe…

BeautySafe is a program designed in response to the public's concern, relative to continually surfacing viral and bacterial strains and the Cosmetology Industry's ongoing need for information and awareness about the best practices and their legal responsibilities when providing personal services to protect themselves and their clients.

BeautySafe incorporates standards recognized across Canada encouraging all Hairstylists, Barbers, Estheticians, Make-Up Artists, Nail Technicians, Cosmetic Tattoo Artists, MicroBlading Technicians, EyeLash Extension Technicians and Tattoo Artists to be certified and maintain these high standards to reduce the spread of bacterial infections and communicable diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B and C.


HELP SUPPORT OUR CAUSE - Contact your Government Representative to Help….

Municipal Government ContactsCLICK HERE

Provincial Government Contacts - CLICK HERE

Federal Government Contacts  - CLICK HERE

The city of Surrey insists that when opening a Spa in their Municipality that the Beauty Professional have their Certificate of Qualification in order to receive a business licence. We are asking that you contact your local Government Representative and ask for them to ensure that they adjust their bylaw to include BeautySafe and C of Q to ensure proper practice and to prevent cross contamination…. It’s your health!!!


For media inquiries please contact : media@beautycouncil.ca

balayage test2

Our first BeautyJam was a great kick off to a series of monthly Jams up and coming with The BeautyCouncil.

Be sure to join our mailing list and attend our next event coming soon.

BeautyJam is an intimate education event held in salons where you can connect, collaborate and come together with your fellow industry professionals. You will learn from some of the best local beauty pros, network with other salon and spa owners and most of all, have fun.

These monthly events are designed to include everyone, regardless of business size, area of expertise or affiliation with a brand. BeautyJam is a place to participate, contribute, watch and enjoy the company of others who want to better themselves as much as you do.

BeautyJams are held at salons near you and feature a guest artist who will demonstrate what they excel at in an intimate setting. You can ask questions, share ideas, take photos and bring a colleague to share the experience with. There are no seats, meaning you get to get up close and personal to see the work being done. Entry is by donation.

These events are about expertise, the craft of beauty and the joy of being in this amazing industry we’re all part of. There are no barriers or sales pitches. BeautyJam is just that - a gathering of beauty professionals in a fellow salon’s space where ideas and knowledge are nurtured and spread.

Co-ordinated by The BeautyCouncil Western Canada, BeautyJams are open to all salon professionals. Please join us for our next BeautyJam - details on beautycouncil.ca or on BeautyCouncil social media channels.

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