The BeautyCouncil is governed by an elected Board of Directors.


Marion ShawMarion Shaw, President

I believe the professional beauty industry has great potential and opportunity for all of those involved. I also believe that a strong Professional Association is a great benefit for all of those who choose to become members.
My passion for this industry has kept me here for my whole life. As a hairstylist, salon owner, educator and many other facets of the industry. As the author of 2 books I have spent the past 12 years concentrating on the business side of the salon, teaching those skills to salon owners and students alike.


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Bruce Peters

"I love our industry! Passionate and committed to the hair and beauty professionals. It's exciting to see us evolve. As a whole we need to continue a push forward- We need to grow stronger, financially, professionally and personally if we are to make lasting change and betterment."

Aberto Cirello

Alberto Cirello

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Launie Morgan

Launie has been active in the Cosmetology Industry for over 30 years as a Professional in her trade as well as instruction in schools for over 20 of those years, with her presently managing the operations of Mark Anthony Academy of Cosmetology. She is a strong believer in regulation of this Industry even if it means self-regulation, as we should all take pride in our Skills and Training we have undertaken to be the Professionals that we are today.

We should all be viewed as Professionals in this trade, not as uneducated/unqualified workers performing services on our clients, who look at us as the Professionals that the majority of us are. Regulation of this industry should set some minimum standards for training, safety and health concerns.

She has maintained her membership with Beauty Council since moving to the lower mainland in 1996. She fully supports Beauty Council exams, during regulation when it was a mandatory and now voluntary in the state the Council and Industry stands in now, deregulated. Continually informing all Students of Beauty Council and what it has to offer, Student Permits, Supports on going workshops as “We learn from one another and continue to grow”.

She takes great pride in saying, "We need to stand together to continually gain the Professionalism and Pride we hold in this industry and build back the confidence with the customer”.

Greg Robins

Greg Robins

Greg Robins is the VP of Salon Communications, publishers of Salon Magazine, Elevate Magazine and the Contessa Awards. For over 25 years, Greg’s been advocating for professional stylists and salon owners through business-building content in Salon Magazine.

With a proven track record in implementing social media strategies that work, Greg can speak to the value of salons can gain with the proper campaigns on social and digital.

Greg has worked with salons and manufacturers to gain momentum in this industry, many of them going on to enjoy major success in the industry. He’s taught at Ryerson University and the Academy of Design and has spoken at Langara College.

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