Mask use while vaccines roll out

Many of you have been checking in with us about the guidance around masks and protocols as COVID-19 vaccines roll out. Our advice and recommendation are based on your safety and the safety of your clients. For clients who refuse to wear a mask for some reason or are exempt, we offer an article to help you navigate these situations. For the time being, our stance is:

  • Clients must stick with provincial guidance around mask use. As long as people are required to wears masks in public indoor spaces, your personal service operation is no different
  • If a client is vaccinated, it does NOT exempt them from a mask. Until provincial health rules are changed, everyone (vaccinated or not) must continue to wear a mask at all times.
  • Staff must continue to use masks and practice all workplace hygiene protocols until workplace guidelines change.
  • We do have guidance around services for clients without a mask (for instance, facials or men’s shaves), you may continue to do so while following guidelines and using your COVID protocols. Given the variants at play, we encourage you to limit the number and scope of services you provide where a mask is not worn by the client.

Since we are in a third-wave with cases on the rise because of COVID-19 variants, it is critical to stay vigilant and be as thorough as you have been for the past year. We’re almost there – let’s all stay safe and able to work together in this final sprint to the end.