Learn how to ​​build a profitable, strong business that supports you, your team, & your dream lifestyle

Join us and Caylee Augé as we show you how to boost profits and earn what you deserve

You Don’t Need a Business Degree to Run a Profitable Business.

You just need the right strategies, tools, and resources necessary for running a successful salon. Imagine if you could…

  • Create a sustainable business model that WORKS
  • ​​Gain impact to be an industry leader
  • ​​​Make the profit you deserve
  • ​​​Build from the foundation up so you can gain time and freedom
  • ​You could create a sustainable you could make the profit you deserve
  • You take a two month vacation and have your business thrive

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We start a new group on Monday, September 27th at 9:00 am PDT. This affordable program is available to you at a special rate. Plus the BeautyCouncil will send you a $100 prepaid credit card as a special “thank you” for getting serious about profits.

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