what about me? 

I'm not the problem


we're not the problem

The Ontario Government has closed salons, spas,  barbershops, and tattoo studios without providing real scientific data.

It’s time for the Province of Ontario to reconsider the closure of the personal services industry and get people back to work now.

Personal service establishments are already based on thorough workplace hygiene and can open safely. Salons, spas, barbershops, and tattoo studios can open with a proven reopening plan….


how you can help

Take a moment to communicate with elected officials in your local area and at the provincial legislature.

We’re asking the province to adopt a PROVEN reopening plan for salons, spas,  barbershops, and tattoo studios. The plan is simple yet thorough and based on facts. It’s worked in British Columbia and will work in Ontario.

Scroll down – it will just take a moment of your time to make a difference for everyone.