At this year’s AGM, held on Sept. 12th in Langley, Board Chair Marion Shaw outlined the many accomplishments the BeautyCouncil has already racked up, from saving $3,500 per month on rental costs to the restructuring of the board from 7 members to 5 for more nimble decisions.

Executive Director Fiona Chambers outlined the flurry of activity in her first 100 days in office, including the many events that are now available to members, including the British Barbers evening and hands-on class, Oct. 2 and 3rd, the Success Camp with Inspiring Champions on Nov. 21 and the very popular BeautyJam series which launch Sept. 26th at Zazou in North Vancouver.

The BeautyCouncil also outlined their priority to stay focussed on government regulators to keep the topic of regulation and hygiene requirements front and centre.

The Board of Directors was also confirmed, and includes Bruce Peters, Marion Shaw, Alberto Cirillo, Greg Robins and Launie Morgan.

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