How to manage vaccines, staff, and renters

Join the BeautyCouncil’s Greg Robins as he checks in with Christopher Drinovz, Employment & Labour Group at the law firm Kane Shannon Weiler. Chris specializes in employment law and offers some important tips:

  • What rights do employee have when it comes to being asked to be vaccinated?
  • If a worker has chosen (or is unable to be) vaccinated, do they put their employment at risk?
  • Can employers require or demand an employee to be vaccinated?
  • Are there differences when it comes to employees vs. independent contractors (i.e. “chair renters”?)

As a bonus exclusive to BeautyCouncil, members can arrange a 30 minute phone consulation with Chris to ask any question. As an owner, employer, renter, or staff member, take advantage of this benefit for just $150 (this is half the normal rate). Offer good until July 30, 2021.

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To arrange your consultation with Chris, contact him directly by phone or email and mention this video.

Email: cdd@ksw.bc.ca

Phone: 604-746-4357

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