Help us update our listings

The wonderful thing about our association is the history and long term commitment to the industry. We’ve been here for almost 100 years and that means we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge all our members. However, it also means some of our systems and data needs to be updated as time goes by.

As we’ve moved our membership data over to a new system, we feel it’s finally time to update the way we collect “Professional Trade” information. Specifically, what you can choose as your specialty when you sign up or update your skills.

This information helps us serve you better and indicate your areas of expertise. This can also provide stats on the business, create an effective referral system for the public, and build better publicity campaigns on social media.

Below, we have a list of what’s in place now and then what we’re thinking of changing our list to. We have put all these choices onto a short survey for our members. Please take the survey now (it can be done in under 2 minutes) and give us guidance for the future listings. It is anonymous is the best opportunity for your voice to be heard.

Our current list of professional trades and a link after selected trades showing how it compares to options in the survey on Google searches.

Hairdressing (Google Trends)
Esthetics (Google Trends)
Nail Technology
Barbering (Google Trends)
Colour Technology 
Haircutting and Blow Dry Technology
Permanent Wave Technology
Makeup Artistry
Waxing Technology
Permanent Makeup Artistry
Manicure and Acrylic Nail Technology
Manicure and Gel Nail Technology
Nail Artistry
Nail Manicure and Pedicure

Help us update these. Take our short survey now.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio