Have your voice heard on fragrances in products

Participate in consultations to help define how chemicals are listed on products you use and sell

Are you concerned about what’s behind fragrances in products you work with every day? Would you like to have more information about what’s inside the bottle you’re exposed to day in and day out?

What’s being considered?

  1. Add a requirement to disclose specific fragrance allergens on labels of cosmetic
  2. Allow flexibility for the disclosure of ingredients and specific fragrance allergens on labels of small packages
  3. Improve oversight of cosmetics by:
    • clarifying terminology and improving the level of detail for information submitted in a cosmetic notification, in order to facilitate its use for risk management purposes;
    • enhancing compliance and enforcement oversight with regard to who is responsible for responding to evidence of safety requests for cosmetics

Invitations are open

You are invited to provide your feedback to the “Notice to interested parties – Proposal to amend the Cosmetic Regulations”, which will be available for a 45-day comment period from July 16, 2021 until August 30, 2021. General information regarding the proposal, including instructions for submitting comments, can be found on the Canada.ca website here:


To participate in this pre-consultation, send an email to: hc.cosmetics.sc@canada.ca to express your interest and to request a comment package. You will then receive an email of the “Notice to Interested Parties” and instructions on how to provide your comments.