• Hi Leena,

    Looking at this institution raises a few questions: they may not be in compliance with the requirements of PTIB.

    PTIB states: Private training institutions in British Columbia require a certificate from the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) if they provide, or offer to provide, at least one career-related program with 40 hours or more of instructional time, and tuition of at least $4000

    As we understand the policy of PTIB, while schools can offer distance education programs to students in BC, they must have an operational base or location within BC that meets all the certification and compliance requirements set by PTIB. Institutions outside BC cannot directly provide services to BC students without adhering to these regulations.

    The purpose of PTIB is to protect your investment as a student, so there is the risk that a school outside of BC cannot be held accountable should you somehow lose your tuition.

    Best to check those details before signing up to any school.