Add your certificate to your phone

Woman holding an iPhone with BeautyCouncil and BeautySafe certificate credential

You are now available to verify your professional credentials on the job, at a distributor, or to prove your association membership or certification right from your mobile device.

Once signed into your credential on your smart device you will see the option to ‘Add to Mobile Wallet’ under your credential, click ‘Preview’.

You will be led to the Wallet Pass Preview page. This displays how your credential will be presented in your mobile wallet – such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

At the bottom of the preview, Apple users will see the option to add to Apple Wallet. Android users will see the option to add to Google Pay. You must have the Apple Wallet app or Google Pay app installed on to your Apple or Android device to use this great feature.

This applies to:

  • All BeautySafe certificates
  • All Certificates of Qualification issued after June 2020 (and reprints).
  • All memberships started or renewed after June 2020.

Check out our quick video below to see how to add your certificate to your phone.