COVIDhaircares update

#COVIDHairCares Update

At the beginning of the pandemic, barbers, salons, and the personal service sector as a whole were among the first to shut down. “I was already overdue for a haircut, and my own naturally voluminous hair quickly became comically overgrown,” says Gavin Dew, the founder of the #COVIDHairCares movement. At first it seemed like a rather funny side effect of the pandemic, however, as Gavin noticed his friends and colleagues growing more and more “unkempt” during their now-constant video conferences, he realized: “every missed haircut is someone’s missed paycheque.”

He launched a social media campaign to support those in the industry who needed it most, which eventually raised over $1000. “While we didn’t hit the lofty goals we initially set,” says Gavin, “I’m still happy with how it turned out.” We couldn’t agree more. It’s always great to see our community come together to uplift and support each other, but as we were all collectively struggling, the effort is even more touching.

With the raised funds, Gavin enlisted our help to award four in-need beauty professionals with a $250 cash donation. We asked our members to nominate those they felt were most deserving, and they didn’t disappoint!

Now that the funds have been distributed, Gavin hopes that the campaign makes a more lasting impact: “I hope that COVID-19 helps people see how the economy is connected and how much each of us depends on each other — both economically and socially.”

Thank you to our members for your nominations!

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