Screen shot of CTV new item about COVID surcharges

COVID-19 surcharges unpopular, but it depends on who’s charging them

COVID-19 surcharges unpopular, but hair salons and barbers are supported

A new poll has found though most people aren’t happy about the idea of paying a COVID-19 surcharge, they’re more willing to accept the extra fee depending on the type of business involved.

When it comes to hair salons, 51 per cent were in support of a surcharge, followed by restaurants at 47 per cent, and other small businesses at 46 per cent.

BeautyCouncil Executive Director, Greg Robins, said ““The people in the industry have had a triple whammy. First of all, everybody had to close for two months. Then all salons, personal service establishments had to retrofit their entire operation to be ready for their clients,” Robins said, and added many are not operating at their former capacity. “So there’s a huge financial burden that has to be accounted for moving forward.”

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Senior policy analyst for B.C. and the North with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business Muriel Protzer said small business operate on “razor-thin” margins, and now they’re facing a variety of new costs just to be able to reopen, following months of losses.