Woman having her hair washed in a salon

Are you a client of a salon, spa, or barbershop? If so, find resources here tailored to you.

Learn more about BeautySafe, the standard in workplace hygiene.

BeautySafe certifies professionals in protocols of infection control, safe cleaning, sanitization, sterilization, and chemical practices using Canada Health standards to reduce the spread of viruses, bacterial infections, and communicable diseases (such as HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and COVID-19). Look for the BeautySafe certification in your salon, spa, or barbershop to be assured of a safe service.

Report a concern

Do you have a concern after visiting a salon, spa, or barbershop? You can report it below and we will pass it along to the appropriate agency. Note – if you have any conditions worsening after your experience, such as an allergic reaction or infection, consult a medical professional as quickly as possible. This form is anonymous and confidential.