Certification and exams

Elevate your career as a certified beauty professional with proven expertise

Certificates in a frame on the wall

You’ve completed your training, and it’s time to be recognized as the qualified beauty professional that you are.

Passing the BeautyCouncil Certificate of Qualification exam earns you the internationally recognized Certified Cosmetology Professional (CCP) designation. Demonstrate your expertise and the professional standard of your services to clients, employers and peers — and stand apart from the untrained workforce operating in our industry!

Step one - Choose and Exam Date

As the COVID situation continues, exams for the Certificate of Qualification are operating at reduced capacity. Due to this, we are booking exams further ahead than usual. Thank you for your patience. Follow the link below to access our calendar of exams.

Step two - Prepare yourself for the exam

If you are planning to take any exam, there are a few steps to take for the smoothest experience. See out checklist below.

Before you register for the exam:

Have your documentation ready

  • For education requirements, this can be a diploma, certificate, or other proof of education.
  • For experience requirements, this might include proof of hours worked.

Study in advance

  • Many people who take the exams study before the exam to have the best chance of getting their Certificate on the first try. Either refer to your textbooks and notes from your education, or purchase the recommeded textbooks from Milady at this link.

Become a BeautyCouncil member and get a $100 discount on your exam!

  • Join BeautyCouncil as a member. You will not only realize the benefits of belonging to the association, but you will also save $100 plus GST on the exam itself. While this is not mandatory, we highly suggest it before you register for the exam.