Celebrating our BeautySafe Certified Community

We’re so proud of the praise and recognition our community in BC has been given regarding our first-rate COVID-19 safety practices and the resulting lack of transmissions in our industry. That’s why we wanted to celebrate and recognize those leading the way and doing it right: our BeautySafe certified community!  (Audio version of this article is here).

For those of you who aren’t familiar, BeautySafe is the professional hygiene certification for Canadian personal service providers. It is essential online safety and hygiene training specific to the personal service industry — certifying salon, spa, and barbershop professionals in protocols of infection control, safe cleaning, sterilization, and chemical practices using Canadian health standards to reduce the spread of viruses, bacterial infections, and communicable diseases.

So, why get BeautySafe certified?

The BeautySafe certification is the kind of reassurance that is expected by your clients through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. It’s also a great start in making sure we avoid future industry shutdowns like we’ve seen in other parts of the country and around the world.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ll let the already-certified businesses setting the standard in the industry tell you why they’re BeautySafe certified — and how they’re reaping the rewards…

Protection: Keep you, your clients, and your staff safe

Learning proper hygiene protocols is simply part of being a responsible, professional personal service provider. And who wants to be responsible for a health or safety issue? Not only is it bad for your community, it’s bad for business!

For Leanne Boyd of Level 10 Eurospa, the BeautySafe certification serves two important purposes: “As an employer, having all team members BeautySafe certified is assurance everyone is trained in the updated, professional sanitizing and disinfecting practices required to provide a healthy and safe environment. Also, being BeautySafe certified is the most effective way to convey to our clients that their safety and well being is our utmost priority.”

Plus, making your staff feel safe and valued goes a long way to a thriving workplace culture. “The BeautySafe certification allowed our staff to return [to work] with confidence that they are not only delivering safe services, but also that they themselves are protected,” says Angie Gignac of Violet Hair Lounge. Plus, “having everyone certified allowed our entire team to consider and contribute to our policy development with confidence and collaboration. As circumstances continue to change, this has allowed for us to adapt and assess issues quickly and consistently.”

After all, when each member of your team is an expert in safety and hygiene standards, they’ll be empowered and committed to your protocols and practices — and as a result, everyone who enters your business will be that much safer. 

Preparation: Be confident and ready for safety inspections

Health inspections are on the rise and for good reason. Instead of being caught off guard, wouldn’t it be nice to feel prepared and confident when you get that knock on the door? Inspections shouldn’t be a source of fear, but rather a time to collaborate with and learn from an expert on safety in the workplace.

IHVORY Hair Parlour claims that the BeautySafe certification has prepared them for potential inspections: “It was great to have such an in-depth refresher on salon hygiene and safety, and it was essential to have done this during the pandemic. We definitely used it to set up our COVID protocols and guidelines. It gave all of us a clear and concise plan to follow. WorkSafe BC was very pleased with our Safety Plan.”

At Sugaring Change, the BeautySafe certification served as “a confidence booster during a time of extreme uncertainty.” Owner Chantalle Moerman says, “our entire team was required to complete Level I: General Practices and Level II: Esthetics before returning to work. Completing the certification signals to our clients that we continue to keep their safety paramount in the new reality of the pandemic.”

With COVID-19 Safety Plans now mandatory in BC and considering the recent industry shutdowns we’ve seen in other provinces, we all need to do our part to keep our industry open, safe, and thriving.

Professionalism: Boost your reputation and service value

A BeautySafe certification demonstrates professionalism and distinguishes you from those untrained and uncertified in the industry — in turn, elevating your value, attracting your ideal clientele, and increasing client trust and sales. For such a small investment, this offers a major competitive edge.

“We’ve found it to be a helpful marketing tool and have posted our certification decal on our door to greet clients, on our website to instill confidence, and on our social platforms to shout out that we are continuing to stay on top of our game and that we are willing to put in the work to create a healthy space for our clients,” says Chantalle at Sugaring Change.

Similarly, Level 10 Eurospa has used it effectively in their marketing. “We proudly display all our Beauty Safe certifications throughout the salon and spa,” says owner, Leanne. “Clients are constantly thanking us for our diligence in adhering to our strict sanitizing and disinfecting practises and our enhanced safety protocols. Our new tag line is ‘Promising your every visit a beautiful and safe experience’!”

At IHVORY Hair, it’s simple: “The BeautySafe Certification lets our clients know that our salon is being held to the highest standard.”

We know there is so much on your plate as a personal service provider and business owner, especially right now. That’s why we’ve made sure the BeautySafe certification is a minimal time investment, conveniently completed online, and affordable to all. Plus, we’ll continually keep you and your team up to date as new information becomes available so you can rest easy and get back to your business — what you do best!

“With all of the challenges and facets of operating a small business, it’s incredibly difficult to remain an expert in everything,” says Angie of Violet Hair Lounge. “Knowing that we can rely on BeautyCouncil to provide current, consistent & practical information is incredibly valuable [and] supports our commitment to setting the bar high in our industry and our community.” What’s more? “The course will continue to be a criteria for employment at VHL, well after the virus is gone.” 

Thank you again to all the thoughtful and dedicated professionals who are doing their part to keep their communities safe and our industry thriving. We appreciate you!

Learn more about BeautySafe here.


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