Candidate profiles for the 2021 AGM election

Here are the profiles for the 2021 election of Directors for the Board of the Association in alphabetical order by first name.

You may vote for up to three of the candidates on the voting page.

Anthony Martin

I am honoured to be a nominee with a chance of bringing diversity to the council! If you vote for me I’ll look to share ways on how we can make our industry recession and pandemic proof.

My primary reason to serve on the board is to inspire conversation of the hair/ makeup/beauty industry and help integrate the strategic operations that allow these entities to adapt to a more diverse and connected world.

I would meaningfully contribute to serving the organization and its mission but more so – to open up the conversation and encourage consideration among my peers. I’d like to share the major benefits of me to serve on the board, in the hopes, that it will encourage you to select me as a board member.

I am passionate and could grapple with strategic challenges – from working in the  finance industry to management of operations of retail stores and entrepreneurship of  my own barbershop. I have experience working with individual departments in  various retail industries  and together with an organization such as HSBC, and with managing my own  barbershop.  

In addition to my expertise in financial management and entrepreneurship, I would  like to bring my other talents to the table, and that’s my knowledge of public  perceptions of the hair/makeup/beauty industry, trend data, marketing and engaging  audiences. I bring a new perspective to aid in the evolution of diversity.  Professionally, I’ve worked with people from different age groups and various types of  backgrounds, and I am grateful for this, as it reminds me to stay in a learning  mindset. This gift keeps my eyes open and it keeps me humble.  

Most importantly, I care and I can contribute to something meaningful and diverse –  and perhaps by having me on the board of directors, you would allow something meaningful to contribute to you.

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Kirsten Engel

Kirsten has eighteen years of management experience: previously having owned her own Day Spa and currently operating as the Director of her North American wholesale and distribution company, Ziel Distribution. She serves as the creative director behind two of Ziel’s most successful brands, “GummiBand” and “Silkki”, and has previously sat on the Board of Directors for the Beauty Council of Western Canada – a licensing board offering training and certification for professional Cosmetologists, Hairdressers, Barbers and other personal service providers.

Kirsten has always advocated for the individual entrepreneur or “solo-preneur”. Coming from an industry where a large percentage of service providers are self employed, either by working from home or renting a service space in a larger salon, she understands the challenges that these individuals can face.

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Lana Lamoureux

As a huge advocate of the Beauty Council, I absolutely believe in the power of belonging to a professional association.  Belonging to a professional association creates community. As a community there is strength in numbers which gives us the power to voice our needs and the ability to act upon it.

Having held similar positions on other association boards, I have a strong comprehension of what makes a board run effectively and efficiently.

With over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, the last 20 years included being an Executive Master Educator and Back Stage Manager for one of the few Award-Winning Hairdresser run brands, I admit that I have a deep comprehension for the needs in our community.

During this time, I have had the opportunity to increase my network of industry friends from across Canada and around the world, which has opened the doors of knowledge across the board.

I find that many of my associates reach out to me for assistance regarding our industry in many ways. I often hear that we need to be stronger and unite so we can have a voice with our health authorities and government.

To be so bold, I believe that we, as an association, need to stimulate membership and promote the value of belonging to a professional organization.

This will bring popularity and with popularity brings intrigue, fascination, and transformation.

Our members will discover the value of belonging to a professional organization and will literally promote it.

We need to bring back affordable, continuing education to help members grow in our trade. I strongly believe we are losing our trade to those who are uneducated and non regulated.

I believe that it is imperative that we be current because of the constant emerging trends. We need to be industry leaders and ensure everything is in place for everyone to grow in our trade.

My solution is that we work with our health authorities and government to help them understand how our industry works as well as our members, to set high standards for our industry.

By having a strong association, we can orchestrate that change.  Vote for me and be the change.

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Paige Morris

Being an educator and hairstylist, I am very passionate about advocating for the next generation of stylists. Through sharing my excitement and experiences, I want to help facilitate the connection between emerging stylists and Beauty Council. Bringing a new energy to the community and championing new ideas everyone can enjoy, such as classes and events that are specifically catered to emerging stylists needs.

As a current practicing Hairstylist and Educator, I feel our industry is constantly evolving. I am of the belief that nothing we do or say is permanent; that instead our perspectives should be ever-changing.  As a potential future Beauty Council Board Member, I would be proud to share honest ideas, notions, and personal experiences- while also listening and learning from other committee leaders and peers. I want to help guide the future of our industry with a group of great like-minded people.

Currently, I am a senior hairstylist, salon manager, and institute instructor. Previously, I was an educator on behalf of Summit Salons, attending semi- annual committee meetings to discuss and share the best ways to effectively mentor new talent. I’m most passionate about shaping industry artists by sharing my gained knowledge, as well as guiding them to a space where they can thrive.

Being promoted to manager of my salon has also allowed me to have a voice in standards. Although I am still passionately active behind the chair, I have really enjoyed working more closely with my team. I thrive to give our staff what they need to be most successful, as well as comfortable in their careers and in our space.

We have regularly scheduled staff meetings where we generate ideas to keep our salon feeling fresh and innovative. More recently in my career I became an institute instructor for the hairdressing program at London School Vancity- which has been wonderful because I get to connect with hairdressers on the rise in the city. Moreover, I get to be a part of a community that makes this industry exciting while leaving a lasting impact on future professionals.

I am ready to elevate my connection to our industry and contribute to our community.

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Simon James

Raised by two stylists, I am an award winning Hair Stylist, Colourist and Educator based in Vancouver, BC, Canada; I am a 6x National Finalist and 2x National Award Winner.

As a sought after educator for Goldwell Professional Haircolor, most recently I was a finalist in The Allied Beauty Association’s Beauty Under 40 Campaign, in the category of Education. Spending much of my time developing educational programs and mentoring stylists, I truly believe in the art of our craft.

I believe education, and a sense of community to be the cornerstone of success for our industry. COVID provides a unique opportunity to continue to tighten the bond of hairstylists and to further elevate our craft.

The Beauty Council has made tremendous strides over the last year and has been instrumental in advocating for our industry in a time of great need. This presents a unique opportunity to cultivate industry awareness as to the importance of a unified association. This is something I would love to be involved in.

Having been raised in salons, as well as many years both behind the chair and as an industry leader in education, I bring a unique perspective to the conversations surrounding our industry. I believe that education and a sense of community are the keys to the future success of our industry. I have connections to both the established hair community as well as influence with many burgeoning young talents on the rise.

I would bring immense passion while providing a balanced approach to all industry related discussions. I feel that in this time of new beginnings, a fresh approach and voice is vital to the growth of our industry.

I would be delighted to lend my voice to such discussions.

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