Can you require employees to be vaccinated?

The big question as we work towards a COVID-19 free workplace, the question members are asking is “Can employers require staff to be vaccinated?”

The answer, according to our legal advisors, “it depends”. However, there are some guidelines you can consider and use to form your own workplace policy.

“Each employer will have to assess its specific workplace and make a fundamental decision as to whether it
needs all employees to receive the vaccine or provide vaccination confirmation or a certificate to make the
workplace safer,” says employment legal specialist Chris Drinovz, Partner at KSW Lawyers, Head of the Employment & Labour Group.

“Employers cannot physically force employees to get the vaccine, but they could make the COVID-19
vaccination a condition of continued employment.”

Chris Drinovz

We have a short video below where Chris offers more details, plus a template you can use to develop your own workplace policy around vaccination requirements.

In addition, members are entitled to a special rate of $300 (plus tax) for a for basic policy package including initial correspondence with instructions and revising template to adapt to your workplace. If additional work is required, members also will save $95 per hour off the regular rate at KSW Law. Contact information is below.

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