Build a more financially resilient salon, spa, or barbershop

If there is something we learned from COVID-19, it’s that resilient businesses can weather almost any storm. However, it’s not just pandemics that might be the “bucket behind the boat” – it could be the way you are buying your product and handling taxes or the ways in which a good accountant might catch fraud in your business.

We have two tax experts, Eva Tone and Harinder Harry from the accounting firm MNP, and Caylee Augé from the Salon Profit Project. In this 40 minute session, you’ll learn the simple ways to keep all the money that’s on the table.

You’ll also understand where fraud may be happening in your business and where you could be leaving money on the table due to improper recording of PST.

As a bonus, members will have access to an Industry Benchmark Calculator. It’s super easy too – just fill in your numbers and gauge where you compare to industry benchmarks. This exercise will reveal important red flags in your business – so you can make adjustments for it to profit!

Plus, members will be eligible to sign up for a free financial consultation with our MNP partners to get on track with proper bookkeeping and accounting.

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