Benefits for members

Belonging to the association means more than a connection with the most engaged professionals in the industry. It means having access to exclusive member benefits that save you money and let you work smarter.

Check out the benefits below and follow the links for contact information and special offers

Woman signing a legal document with a pen

Legal Services

Access BeautyCouncil’s recommended law firm covering the full spectrum of workplace law, including:

Wrongful dismissal, human rights, labour law, WorkSafeBC, occupational health and safety, disability, and more.

Experts in small business legal issues and reasonably priced. Access links to the legal firm here.

Man and woman trading money

Stylish Payment Systems

Stop overpaying for credit card swipes and take payments in style with the sleek Clover terminal. Portable. Reliable. Affordable.

Save time and money when you process credit and debit payments, plus get a $250 credit when you open your account.

Access our dedicated account manager here

Illustration of man with design tools

Design anything easily

Design absolutely anything, from logos and social media content to documents and more.

Start quickly with thousands of ready-to-go templates

Stand out from your competitors with professional looking visuals

Create images, video, animations, printed materials, and so much more

Learn more and try it free here.

Illustration of a man holding an umbrella

Protect yourself with insurance

Everyday you work, there is the small risk that not everything will turn out perfectly. An allergic reaction on your client’s skin, a nick that leaves a scar, or worse an infection that causes secondary problems.

Get covered and be protected. Have a custom package ready quickly tailored to your specific business needs.

Plus, for a limited time, members who sign up get a $25 pre-paid VISA card as a bonus.

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