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BC’s Restart Plan: What We Know and What’s Next

Updated July 13, 2020. Look for items noted NEW.

After the announcement of BC’s Restart Plan, we know you are all anxious for more information — we understand, and we are committed to keeping you informed as we learn more. 

We have provided our suggestions in another article on this site to help you return to work. You may use these suggestions as additions to the official WorkSafeBC protocols and any new regulations from the Provincial Health Officer. That document is below as an attachment and also available on a stand-alone web page.

For a detailed list of suggestions on how to set up for COVID operation, check out our article “Suggestions to assist the Personal Service Industry in British Columbia return to work”.

What we know:

  • The order which closed all salons has been lifted. Here is the official document.
  • All personal service establishments are included in Phase 2 of the government’s plan to re-open the province. 
  • We have been advised there are no new standards in regard to PPE, sanitation, and salon/spa hygiene competence for all personal service establishments, coming directly from the Provincial Health Office (PHO) and enforced by Environmental Health Officers. This is subject to change.
  • There are new standards in regard to worker safety and employer and employee relations (how people are protected in the workspace), coming directly from WorkSafeBC. You can find those WorksafeBC protocols here.
  • NEW WorkSafeBC has released new details around the use of blow dryers. Here is the guidance: “Public Health has advised that blow-drying hair, including the use of bonnet style and hooded hair dryers, is not believed to be a high-risk activity at this time and that these services can continue to take place. For the comfort of all customers, be mindful to direct the air away from other clients as much as possible”

What to watch out for:

  • Official or finalized PPE and sanitation standards.  We have been told there are no pending change, however, if so we expect them to be released on this page.
  • Specifics around what services may be restricted by the PHO.

    What we are doing in the meantime:
  1. Working with WorkSafeBC to provide feedback on new protocols and share their messages to the industry.
  2. Working with the Provincial Health Office. They have our official recommendation document, and we are in continual conversation with them as they develop official standards.
  3. We continue advocating for fairness and asking that no personal service professionals are excluded.
  4. We understand home-based and mobile businesses should follow WorkSafeBC guidelines.

What you can do in the meantime:

We want to avoid directing you to waste any time, energy or resources on possibilities that may never come to be. At the same time, we feel confident that the below items will be included in the official standards soon to be released by the government.

*We also know that the availability of these items may be an issue due to demand. We ask that you are responsible for not hoarding more than you need and reserving medical masks for the health practitioners that require them until further notice.

Source and stock up on virucide.

This is a very specific professional solution intended for surface cleaning that actively kills viruses. It will be clear on the label whether the solution is a virucide.
Again, we will be working to provide you with appropriate sources as information becomes available.
Source and stock up on capes, gowns, and appropriate coverings for clients.
Freshly laundered capes, gowns and towels will be required for each client — absolutely no sharing. They will need to be washed in hot water (60+ degrees Celsius) between uses.

Remove any unnecessary objects.

There is a “clean desk policy” in place so that only items necessary for the service will be allowed out. Remove any magazines, decorations, candles, candies, samples, brochures, menus, testers, etc.
Remove or decommission any water or refreshment stations.

Prepare your space to mitigate traffic flow and abide by social distancing guidelines.

Look into removing seats from your waiting area, taping floor markers, distancing shampoo basins and workstations (or decommissioning every other if distancing is not possible).

Be prepared to treat and sanitize tools, by submerging for at least 10 minutes.

We recommend having duplicate tools, having buckets or containers for submersion, and considering a longer time between clients.
Stock up on hand sanitizer and hand soap.
We know that hand sanitizer will need to be available near your front door at all times.

Be prepared to change your employee and client cancellation policies.

Public safety is a top priority of the government. Therefore, you can be sure that missing work or appointments for illness is not only going to be acceptable but required.

Set up a protocol for screening clients and staff if to prevent them from spreading COVID-19. We suggest working the BC Government Screening Tool into your process and having clients or staff report their results to you prior to contact with you.
We have a COVID-19 screening form you can print out, send to clients as a PDF, email, or put on your web page. Document attached to this article below 

Thank you again to our community for providing your thoughts and feedback during this time — we appreciate you all and are here to support you.