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We love our industry! But we don’t love the lack of regulation. BeautyCouncil develops standards through professional certifications, Codes of Practice, Industry Guidelines, and by making continued education accessible to our members. 

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Anyone who knows us, knows we’re obsessed with education! Ongoing education keeps us up-to-date and boosts quality and professionalism in our industry. BeautyCouncil offers Certification of Qualification exams, BeautySafe Certification, advanced skills training, and classes in business and marketing. As a member, you’ll get discounts and often free access to classes.

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Representing the entire personal service industry

Hairstylist holding the hair of a client in a hair salon

We represent hairstylists, colourists, blow dry specialists, and just about anyone who works on a head of hair.

woman barber cutting the hair of a man

If you cut mens’ hair, shape beards, or provide shaves, we are here for you.

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We include skin care professionals, hair removal technicians, and nail technicians in our association.

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